Plant Nursery Ad for PictureThis App

Glority Software hired us via Upwork to create a series of 15 second ads for their AI-powered plant identification app called “Picture This,” available on iOS and Android app stores.

This spot was filmed in a Fort Worth plant nursery among many happy plants.

Abby Bowl Product Videos

Abby Bowl hired us to create two videos to promote their antioxidant pet water bowl.

Product Video for PowerPod by InCharge

This product video for the InCharge PowerPod was created to showcase a number of unique scenarios for the product.

Viral Documentary About Texas Police Misconduct

The Law Offices of David Sloane hired me to create a cannabis-focused documentary about the story of Chad Harden, a Texas DPS (Department of Public Safety) officer who was busted for vaporizing confiscated cannabis in his police cruiser, while on duty in Iowa Park, Texas.

Criminal defense attorney David Sloane asks why this officer received such a good deal from the Texas legal system, instead of being made an example of?

Mr. Sloane provided me with audio recordings and video footage that he received through a Freedom of Information request. My job was to create a compelling story from the pieces, and to film additional insights from Mr. Sloane, which helped to narrate the story.

It was featured on the New York Post and

To date, this film has been viewed over 3.4 million times, has received over 56,000 likes, 13,000 comments, and boosted Mr. Sloane’s YouTube following from 1 subscriber to over 12,000.

Watch the full documentary here:

Autonomous Trucking with Pro YouTuber

Happiness by the Mile flew us to California for three days to film an episode of her YouTube series that focuses on her experiences with autonomous trucking.

She has over 250,000 subscribers, and this video has been viewed over 34,000 times.

Sizzle Reel for Storm Chaser Series on YouTube

Atlas Roofing hired me to edit a sizzle reel for their upcoming storm-chaser YouTube series called “Weather the Storm.” Focusing on the excitement of the chase and the humor of our hosts, this video was used to pitch the series to investors.

Commercial for Corporate Dental Office

Apex Dental Partners hired us to create a commercial for one of their local offices. In addition to filming and editing this video, I also created the motion graphics showcasing the office’s Google reviews.

Industrial Equipment Supplier Tour

Recurring client PJ Power Systems hired us to film and edit a 4k tour video featuring their facility in Arlington, Texas and a crew of technicians.

Red Carpet Showcase for Talent Agency

Our recurring client John Casablancas hired us to capture a red carpet style video at a model and talent expo, featuring 30+ of their talented models and actors.

Filmed with five cameras including three Panasonic S5s, one iPhone 13 Pro, and one GoPro 11. Edited with Adobe Premiere. 

Drone Video for DFW Industrial Machine Company

Drone video filmed and edited for a prominent industrial machine company located in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas.