Hoss Pratt Success Systems Event Coverage Testimonial

Hoss Pratt is an expert authority on #LeadGeneration, #LeadConversion and #RealEstate Marketing. He’s an entrepreneurial industry speaker and the man behind Hoss Pratt Success Systems. Back in 2013 Hoss hired me to cover his reCHARGE Live Conference, which is a 2 day seminar jam-packed with information for people in the real estate business. During the event, I provided event photography services as well as video testimonial services so that attendees could share their thoughts about the event. These testimonials were then chopped into individual videos and embedded on the site for his 2014 conference: http://www.rechargelive2014.com.

Additionally, we took video footage I shot and combined it with footage from another videographer that was recording all of the speakers and presentations, to create a “sizzle reel” video for the event this year which is also embedded on the previously listed link. Shot on location at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

Hoss was so pleased with the work I did for him that he’s hired me to return for the 2014 conference to cover his event again.