Video Collaboration with Habitat for Humanity

Services Used: Nonprofit Video

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Back in 2014 my client Inspirus commissioned me to come and shoot photos and video at their annual Habitat for Humanity build they’d planned for an employee named Jennifer Long. Shortly afterwards, I was emailed by a film producer at Habitat for Humanity, requesting that I share my client’s footage with them for a video they were working on to tell the story of Jennifer’s new Habitat home in Fort Worth, Texas. With the permission of my client, I eagerly shared my photos and videos with the nonprofit giant and a couple of months later, I received a link to the video below, which was featured both on their YouTube channel, website and social media pages.

Note: I did NOT edit this video (though I wish I could claim that I did, because it’s that damned good) and the only footage I’m claiming as my own include volunteers in pink shirts and house construction.

Apologies for the lousy thumbnail quality of the YouTube embed. Since that was uploaded to the Habitat for Humanity YouTube channel, it is outside of my ability to control.