OrganiCleanse Wellness Center Branding Campaign

Services Used: Branding, Business Video, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Medical Video, Product Label Design, Social Media, Web Design

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: OrganiCleanse Wellness Center is one of the top rated places in North Texas for body detox and colon hydrotherapy services and I’m proud to say that I’ve been creatively involved with them since they were founded in 2012 by my mother, Teresa McAlister.

Since my parents were the reason I was able to afford to go to a school like the Art Institute of Dallas, I knew this was my chance to really bring value to her business so I helped name her company, designed her logo, business cards, postcards, website, product labels, posters and social media graphics. We also shot photos and an impromptu video in her office one day that we are currently in the process of re-shooting since the lighting and sound was not ideal. But even with that minor flaw, this video has been seen over 500 times and coupled with her website, social media presence and other marketing collateral, continues to keep her business extremely busy!

Visit her website at!