Going Viral: JustaShelf Product Videos

Services Used: Business Video, Product Video

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Have you ever wished for an expanding shelf? Inventor Michael Henn invented JustaShelf, the world’s first adjustable, clear plastic shelf he created then patented, called JustaShelf. He and his family hired me to create videos meant to introduce this unique product to the market. Upon meeting Michael, I knew right away that his unique personality had to show through in these videos. So we opted to shoot at his home just outside of Dallas / Fort Worth, where he has more than 30 of these shelves stashed in various locations.

The first video is meant to poke fun at classic infomercials that we’ve all sat through, while bringing a bit of humor to keep people entertained for a couple of minutes. The second is a “how to” video that demonstrates the ease of installing and removing JustaShelf. Then finally we tied the two videos together into one, longer commercial. Additional camera work provided by Beastman Productions.

Infomercial-style product video

How to install video